The Importance of Shopping Around

When it comes to Heating and Air Conditioning, the temptation is there to grab the phone and call the closest company and get it fixed right away. Usually, when your furnace or AC break down it is at the worst possible time. That sense of urgency you are acting on could be costing you a lot of money! We recommend you try shopping around instead!

Why Shop Around?

Plain and simple? There are companies out there that are going to overcharge you. There are going to be companies that will want you to replace your system when you only need to replace one part. These types of companies are going to bank on the fact that you don’t know anything about HVAC and take advantage of you. By shopping around you are increasing your chances that you will encounter at least one company, like ours, that is going to be honest with you.

Also, when you shop around you are given ammunition to go back to those other companies and see if they will match that offer. It is important for companies to know what their competition is charging. Plus it gives you the opportunity to get the most bang for your buck.

A Recent Customer Experience
Recently we were given the opportunity to replace a water heater for a gentleman. Like any other call, the first thing we do is an evaluation of the current equipment an a recommendation on how to proceed. We always offer a “Good, Better, Best” option for every customer. Additionally, this allows for the customer to be in control of the process from start to finish.

After a thorough evaluation we found that the water heater and the humidifier needed to be replaced. The customer was blown away by our quote. Not only were we going to get the job done asap, but we were quoting him half as much as the previous company.

The image above is an example of what we charged this client verses another company. For privacy sake the information for the client and the other company has been redacted. The Other Guys wanted two times as much for the same water heater and humidifier. That is an insane overcharge! Thankfully, by shopping around this customer was able to get the best deal possible.

When we say we have honest pricing we mean it.

With Comfort Pro’s you will never see this kind of price hike. Furthermore, we stand behind our fair and honest pricing. You can trust that you are going to get a good deal with us. Don’t believe us? Shop around! We encourage you to get multiple quotes. We are confident that we will beat the rest!

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