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Whether you need heating repair or an upgrade. There is no heating issue that we can’t tackle.


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Let our company help keep you and your family cool all summer long.


Ductless Systems Services

We will make sure that your ductwork and ventilation system are ready each season.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Installation, Repair Service & Maintenance Tune Ups In Wapato

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Installation, Repair Service & Maintenance Tune Ups in Wapato

When heat strikes in the summer, you want to keep the inside of your home at a cool and comfortable temperature. When dealing with AC issues, Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air is the number one choice for your needs. We have specialists certified in Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Installation, Repair service & Maintenance Tune Ups in Wapato. We will help you keep your home comfortable with our top-quality service. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you trust our experienced team with your upcoming project. 

Professional Installation

Our skilled technicians are trained, certified, and come with years of experience in the field. Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air can provide you with expert advice in selecting the right unit and planning your next installation. We can handle any make and model,  and have the know-how to install your new system quickly and efficiently without delay. 

Affordable Repairs

We take care of the problem the first time for an affordable price, sending the right technician with the necessary tools as quickly as possible.  We will find any issues and resolve them immediately, providing a stress-free experience. Your comfort is our number one priority; it’s in our name! 


Efficient systems are well maintained, and our technicians can provide that maintenance to you regularly.  From fine-tuning to catching problems before they arise, our technicians will help extend the life of your air conditioning and save you money on your energy bill every year.  

We take great pride in our work at Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air. Our industry-leading team of certified technicians can help you with Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Installation, Repair service & Maintenance Tune-Ups in Wapato. Give us a call today at (509) 902-7130 to experience the best service in the area!