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Mini-Split Heat Pump Tune-Up Tampico

Mini-Split Heat Pump Tune-Up Tampico

Mini-split heat pumps work so well to keep your home at just the right temperature that you might be tempted to forget about them. But don’t do that!  Like all HVAC systems, you must perform a regular Mini-Split Heat Pump Tune-up Tampico throughout the year. Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning will perform this vital service for you to keep your unit running at peak efficiency.

What’s Involved With a Mini-Split Heat Pump Tune-up?

Our experience tune-up pros will inspect your whole system – inside and out. From your home’s interior, they will ensure the conduits are intact and functioning properly. The air filters in the air handlers will be cleaned and the drain pan, to prevent mold growth. Finally, the evaporator coil will be cleaned to prevent obstructions from dust. 

Outside your home, they will make sure that the condenser has room around it for ventilation. Grass or other debris will be removed. The insulation in the condenser will be inspected and replaced if necessary. Lastly, the electrical component of the condenser will be inspected and will be replaced as needed. 

You can help with the tune-up by reporting to the Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air technician any changes you may have noticed in your unit. Have there been any strange smells? Does it make a different noise than it did before? Has your energy bill increased recently with no explanation? All of this information can help our team zero in on any issue that might be going on with the unit and fix it before it becomes a real problem.

For more information about Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air’s Mini-Split Heat Pump Tune-up services in Tampico, call us at  (509) 902-7130.