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Mini-Split Heat Pump Installation Service Tampico

Mini-Split Heat Pump Installation Service Tampico

Mini-split heat pumps are a special type of heat pump with many advantages for property owners. A mini-split is essentially one system that will heat and cool your house. Unlike standard heating and cooling or other heat pumps, mini splints require no ductwork. They can also heat and cool each zone in your house differently as needed. Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air has a great Mini-Split Heat Pump Installation Service in Tampico to meet all of your needs.

Advantages of Mini-Splint Heat Pumps

Mini-splits require no ducts, so they are extra energy efficient. In standard central air conditioning, the ducts carry the cool air throughout the house, and it starts to warm up when it gets to a room far away from the source. By not using ducts, mini-split systems don’t have this loss of reach.  

The mini-split heat pump system contains an outdoor compressor/condenser and indoor air handling units. Each indoor unit controls the temperature for the zone that it is in. So if you have several indoor units, you have several zones that each have their own temperature. You can extra-cool a room with many people and not have any cooling in a zone that is not currently occupied. 

Mini-split heat pumps can be easier to install in some places. They eliminate the need to retrofit ugly ducts in an older home; the pipes they use are inconspicuous and easy to place. The condenser can be placed in the back of the house and still heat the front of the home by running these small pipes throughout the property.

Call Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air to discuss how mini-split heat pumps might be your desired heating and cooling solution. Get started with our Mini-Split Heat Pump Installation Service in Tampico by contacting us at (509) 902-7130.