Invest In a Heat Pump For Your Home

Invest In a Heat Pump For Your Home

A mini split heat pump is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to heat your home. Like any other HVAC unit, it requires regular maintenance to ensure it is running smoothly. Regular maintenance will ensure it is operating at the highest level and prolong the unit’s life. You can call on Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning for your mini-split heat pump tune-up in Nile. We have served hundreds of homeowners just like you in the area.

Mini-Split Heat Pumps

A mini-split heat pump takes in air at a lower temperature and raises it before circulating it throughout your home. It works by moving heated air from outside or inside your home to control the climate inside. It is ductless, meaning it does not require your home to have a large duct system inside the walls. A mini-split will allow you to set different temperatures for individual rooms of the house to ensure that you are comfortable in each area of your space. 

Your mini-split heat pump should be serviced at least two times a year by a professional to keep it running at optimal capacity. Your product warranty may require regular maintenance on the unit to keep it valid. Fall and spring are the best times of year to set up these service appointments, but we are available whenever you need us. Your technician will check your filters and refrigerant levels and troubleshoot for any problems. 

Schedule Your Mini-Split Tune-Up

Don’t leave your heat pump unattended. Get it serviced regularly to prevent future problems. Call Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (509) 902-7130 to schedule an appointment. We will take care of your mini-split heat pump tune-ups in Nile.