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Heat Pump Tune-Up Zillah

Heat Pump Tune-up Zillah

Your heat pump is an essential appliance that works tirelessly to heat and cool your home. Don’t take it for granted! Make sure you schedule a Heat Pump Tune-up in Zillah with Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air regularly to ensure your unit runs in peak condition all year. 

A heat pump is naturally a money saver, but when it is optimally maintained, it can be up to 25% more efficient. It should last for 10-25 years. Frequent periodic tune-ups will help your unit fall on the high end of that range.

Signs That Your Heat Pump Needs a Tune-Up

  • Funny smells – there could be mold growing in the heat pump, or a burning oil smell could indicate parts are wearing out.
  • Different sounds – the heat pump should normally make a soft humming sound.  Any other noise indicates it’s time for a tune-up
  • Increased utility bill – if your heat pump works inefficiently, it will cost more to cool or heat your home.  A tune-up will reduce your energy bill.
  • Your home feels too hot or cold, even though the heat pump is still working – there might be a clog or broken part. A tune-up can make you feel more comfortable in your home.
  • Your heat pump is getting old – a tune-up can prolong the life of your heat pump

What is Involved in a Heat Pump Tune-up?

Our Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air technicians know how your heat pump works. We will assess your unit, clean it, replace worn parts, lubricate moving pieces, and flush it out. Your technician will also ensure that the defroster, temperature sensors, and refrigeration metering device are all working as they should. The indoor and outdoor parts of your heat pump will be serviced and all the piping connecting the two.

You can depend on Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air to keep your heat pump working at its best. Call (509) 902-7130 to schedule your Heat Pump Tune-up in Zillah today!