Having a faulty furnace in your home in the middle of winter is serious. When dealing with an emergency, you need a professional team to call at any given moment. Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air can help you with your Daikin Furnace Installation, Repair Service & Maintenance Tune-Ups. Don’t be caught in the cold; we can help restore your house to comfort as soon as you notice a problem. Keep reading for more details, or give us a call to schedule a free estimate today!   

Maintenance and Fine Tuning

Your unit must work the hardest when you need it the most.  We can help your furnace run smoothly and efficiently all year round. Preventative maintenance and regular tune-ups will help minimize downtime and keep you warm and comfortable in your home.


When the weather is at its worst, a breakdown becomes an emergency. We will be there on time with the right tools to restore your system to its proper function.  Our skilled technicians are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we can react quickly when you need us most urgently. 


If your unit is constantly breaking down, it may be time to update your furnace.  We work with all makes and models, and our service technicians can help you pick a new furnace unit that fits within your budget and meets your needs. We can also help you avoid paying hundreds of dollars in repairs down the line.  

The weather may be cold, but you don’t have to be. Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air is standing by to help you. Our technicians are trained and certified in Daikin Furnace Installation, Repair Service & Maintenance Tune-Ups. Call us today at (509) 902-7130. We look forward to working for you!