What Are You Breathing In?

Poor quality indoor air causes harmful effects. Air pollution is not only outdoors but also indoors. Contact our trained professionals to conduct an air quality audit.

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Cleaner Air With Solace Air

Let Comfort Pro's Heating and Air Conditioning help you determine how to protect you and your family from dangerous poor air quality. Our professionals are properly trained to conduct, evaluate and recommend which line of defense you need for your home to protect your family from the dangers of indoor air.

Control Dirt and Dust Accumulation

Control Allergy Attacks

High Efficiency Air Cleaners

Traps Unwanted Particles

No Costly Ductwork Modifications

Easy Installation

Protect Your Indoor Air Space With Solace Air

Comfort Pro’s Heating and Airconditioning are the experts when it comes to Solace Air. We are an authorized dealer when it comes to Solace Air products. Let us help you find the right solution for cleaning your indoor air.

Polarized-Media Air Cleaners

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Control What Accumulates Inside
Your Heating and Cooling System

  • allergens
  • bacteria
  • dirt and dust
  • germs
  • mold
  • noxious odors
  • spores
  • toxins
  • viruses