Carrier is a well-known manufacturer in the HVAC industry. They have premium, mid-range, and economy models of mini-split devices that can replace your window air conditioners or central air conditioning units. There’s no need for ducts with mini-splits, as the system uses thin pipes to connect the outdoor condenser with the indoor air management devices. You can trust Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air for Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Installation, Repair Service & Maintenance Tune-Ups.

Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Installation

No matter what model of Carrier ductless mini-splits you decide on, we will install it to your satisfaction. Our skilled technicians are trained in this particular technology and can troubleshoot any difficulties with the installation. We guarantee you will be happy with our product recommendations and installation. 

Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Repair Service

At Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air, we can fix any problem with your Carrier ductless mini split unit. We will be right there if there is an emergency with the whole system. Sometimes it is just one room that loses cooling, while the rest of the house is fine. Regardless of the issue that you run into, we’ll be sure to fix it without delay. 

Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance Tune-Ups

To keep your summer cool and carefree, make sure you do regular maintenance and tune-ups of your Carrier ductless mini-split system. When you call us for tune-ups, we’ll review your entire system and ensure it is functioning at its best. We’ll also do small repairs, replace parts, and seal any leaks as needed. 

We can perform Carrier Ductless Mini-Split Installation, Repair Service & Maintenance Tune-Ups for all of Carrier’s models, from the most economical to those with the most bells and whistles. Call Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air today at (509) 902-7130!