Professional Furnace Installation You Can Trust In Thorp


Believe it or not, it is actually illegal in some parts of the US to install your own furnace! Regardless of where you live, installing a furnace should not be done without the right technical expertise. This means that, for most homeowners, it is best to pay for a professional installation. However, you should do your research before hiring any old installation company. You need a heating and air conditioning company with a solid reputation that will get the job done right. Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning provides safe and affordable furnace installation service in Thorp

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t attempt a DIY furnace installation in your home. Potential problems that could come from a poor furnace installation include:

  • Gas leaks
  • Heating difficulties
  • Damage to the furnace
  • Risk of fire

Is Professional Furnace Installation Necessary?

Additionally, most warranties and homeowners insurance policies require that a furnace be installed by a licensed professional. Installing it yourself may translate to trouble with your furnace that will not be covered by your policy, leaving you to pay out of pocket for costly repairs.

Your furnace should last in your home for up to 15 years. It is best to look at the cost of installation of your furnace as an investment in your home that will pay off in the long run. 

Easy Furnace Installation by Comfort Pro’s

Furnace installation doesn’t have to be a hassle. Make it easy by calling Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (509) 902-7130 today. Our team of professionals are licensed and certified to handle your installation. We will take care of all of your needs for your furnace installation service in Thorp, and guarantee the job will be completed correctly the first time.

Reliable Furnace Repair and Maintenance in Gleed


You rely on your furnace to keep your home comfortable during the colder months, but you may experience issues that require repair or maintenance. In this situation, you should call Comfort Pros Heating & Air Conditioning for furnace repair & maintenance service in Gleed

When is Furnace Repair Needed? 

One common reason for a furnace repair is a malfunctioning thermostat. If your thermostat is not accurately measuring the temperature in your home, it can cause your furnace to run constantly or not turn on at all. A malfunctioning thermostat can also lead to uneven heating, which can be frustrating for homeowners.

Another issue that may require furnace repair is a clogged air filter. Your furnace’s air filter trappers dirt, dust, and other contaminants circulating through your home’s air. If the filter becomes clogged, it can restrict airflow and cause your furnace to work harder than it should, leading to reduced efficiency and higher energy bills.

The Importance of Maintenance 

In addition to repairs, it is also important to have regular maintenance performed on your furnace. This can help prevent issues from arising and ensure that your furnace is operating at its optimal level. During a maintenance visit, a technician will inspect and clean your furnace, check for potential issues, and make necessary adjustments.

It’s essential to hire a reputable and reliable service provider. Searching for a company with a proven track record and licensed and certified technicians would be best. It would help if you also asked about any warranties or guarantees offered for their work.

Overall, furnace repair and maintenance are crucial for your heating system’s proper functioning and longevity. Don’t wait until you have a problem to address these issues. By proactively maintaining your furnace, you can save yourself time, money, and stress in the long run.

Call Comfort Pros 

If you need furnace repair & maintenance service in Gleed, don’t hesitate to contact Comfort Pros Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team of experienced technicians is ready to help ensure that your home stays warm and comfortable all winter long. Call us today at (509) 902-7130

Plan Your Goodman AC Installation by Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning

Plan Your Goodman AC Installation by Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning

Don’t have a home air conditioning unit? There’s no need to sweat through the heat waves when the weather changes. Goodman Air Conditioning is a high-quality brand delivering affordable prices. At Goodman, they know that a smaller budget shouldn’t mean getting a lower-quality product. Similarly, Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning will reliably take care of your Goodman Air Conditioning installation, repair service & maintenance tune-ups in Roslyn. We can offer you the most high-quality solutions without breaking the bank. 

Why Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning in the hot summer months can significantly improve the quality of life of everyone in your home. The feeling of walking into a cool house and escaping the brutal heat of the outdoors is something everyone should be able to experience. 

Young children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to the heat. In the summer months, heat waves can spike temperatures up into the triple digits, affecting humans and pets living in the home. Protect your loved ones by installing high-quality and energy-efficient air conditioning. 

How Much Will It Cost?

Air conditioning systems can vary significantly in price and quality. You can easily over pay for a low-quality product if you do not do your research. Goodman products are reliable, quiet, and efficient. They offer air conditioners at a better price than other premium brand names. We can help ensure you don’t overpay for your home cooling needs with our professional recommendations. 

Trust Comfort Pros

Give yourself a break from the heat! Your family and friends will thank you. Call Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning to get an estimate today. We will take care of your Goodman Air Conditioning installation, repair service, and maintenance tune-ups in Roslyn immediately. Don’t delay; call us today at (509) 902-7130.

Talk With Our Team About Heat Pump Installation Or Service In Selah

Talk With Our Team About Heat Pump Installation Or Service In Selah

A Rheem Heat Pump is an excellent investment for your home. Rheem offers some of the most reliable and energy-efficient heat pumps today. Overall, heat pumps are much more efficient and cleaner than traditional boilers. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, heat pumps are a great way to go. Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning can cover your needs for your Rheem heat pump services in Selah.   

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

A whole-house heat pump can provide heating for your entire home. It takes in cool air, raises the temperature, and circulates it throughout your space. It can also use that heated air to provide your home with hot water. This works by moving heated air from inside or outside the house to regulate the indoor climate. 

How Will a Heat Pump Affect My Utility Bill?

A heat pump uses electricity to operate.  If you install a heat pump in your home, you will see your electric bill rise, but it will also cut down costs on other heating supplies like oil or gas. If your home currently relies solely on electricity for heat, you may or may not see much of a difference in your bill, depending on your current service agreement with your utility company. If you have solar panels, you may not see much of an increase in your bill at all. 

Heat Pump Installation by Comfort Pro’s

To find out if a heat pump is right for you and your home, call Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning for an estimate today. We will take care of your Rheem heat pump installation or tune-ups in Selah. Call us today at (509) 902-7130 for a free estimate!

Invest In a Heat Pump For Your Home

Invest In a Heat Pump For Your Home

A mini split heat pump is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to heat your home. Like any other HVAC unit, it requires regular maintenance to ensure it is running smoothly. Regular maintenance will ensure it is operating at the highest level and prolong the unit’s life. You can call on Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning for your mini-split heat pump tune-up in Nile. We have served hundreds of homeowners just like you in the area.

Mini-Split Heat Pumps

A mini-split heat pump takes in air at a lower temperature and raises it before circulating it throughout your home. It works by moving heated air from outside or inside your home to control the climate inside. It is ductless, meaning it does not require your home to have a large duct system inside the walls. A mini-split will allow you to set different temperatures for individual rooms of the house to ensure that you are comfortable in each area of your space. 

Your mini-split heat pump should be serviced at least two times a year by a professional to keep it running at optimal capacity. Your product warranty may require regular maintenance on the unit to keep it valid. Fall and spring are the best times of year to set up these service appointments, but we are available whenever you need us. Your technician will check your filters and refrigerant levels and troubleshoot for any problems. 

Schedule Your Mini-Split Tune-Up

Don’t leave your heat pump unattended. Get it serviced regularly to prevent future problems. Call Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (509) 902-7130 to schedule an appointment. We will take care of your mini-split heat pump tune-ups in Nile.  

Make Your Home More Comfortable With a Ductless Mini-Split System

Make Your Home More Comfortable With a Ductless Mini-Split System

A ductless mini split system is the easiest and most affordable way to make your home more comfortable and efficient. An increasing amount of homeowners in the area are trying these systems, trusting Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning as an industry leader. You can count on our skilled technicians for York ductless mini-split installation and services in Grandview.

The Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless systems are so efficient because they eliminate the energy lost in the ductwork of larger HVAC systems. They are equipped with variable-speed compressors, which make the whole system run more smoothly, helping you save on the cost of heating or cooling your home. They also can fit into smaller or tighter spaces where installing a larger system can be more of a challenge. In addition to your monthly bill, this will save you on the cost of installation in comparison to alternative HVAC systems. 

Are Ductless Mini-Splits Worth It?

Ductless mini-splits are definitely worth the initial cost to purchase and install.  They save you money on cooling your home in the long run compared to other, much larger systems. They should be installed by a professional only. If this is done incorrectly, it could cost you a lot more money. 

A professional team will ensure that your system is sized appropriately. Correctly sizing the system for your space is essential. If the system is oversized or installed incorrectly, it will be unable to properly heat or cool the space or control the humidity in your home. 

Call Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning

Don’t let finding the perfect temperature get overwhelming! Let our Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning team handle your York ductless mini-split needs in Grandview. Call us today at (509) 902-7130 to improve your comfort year-round! 

Call In The Pros For Your Water Heater Installation

Call In The Pros For Your Water Heater Installation

Installing a new water heater in your home is an important and serious task. Homeowners looking for reliable, courteous, and professional installation are turning to Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning for water heater installation service in Garcia. We have years of experience working with all makes and models and guarantee excellent results for your next project. 

Professional Installation

Water heater installation is best left to the professionals. Homeowners can take on the serious risk of injury while attempting to install a water heater. Setup and installation of a water heater are complicated due to the requirement of plumbing and electrical hookups. For your safety and your family’s safety, it is best to hire an experienced team. 

Benefits of Professional Installation

Additionally, warranties and some homeowners insurance protection may be voided if your water heater is not installed by a professional. A professional installation can be completed in as little as 2 to 3 hours. If you were to attempt this yourself, you might spend much longer trying to get it installed properly. You will have your water heater heating your home for the next 7-14 years; it is best to have it done properly so you can rest assured you won’t have any problems with it in the future. 

Call Comfort Pro’s

Don’t make the mistake of trying to install your water heater on your own! Keep yourself safe and let the pros at Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning handle your water heater installation service in Garcia. We will take care of your installation and routine maintenance to ensure you and your family can relax. Call us today at (509) 902-7130.

Comprehensive HVAC Tune-up in Cliffdell

Comprehensive HVAC Tune-up in Cliffdell

Home or office temperatures are often debatable, so when you find that comfortable “sweet spot” that everyone can live with, you want to maintain it. Your  HVAC system is working great…until it isn’t. To keep costly repairs or replacements at bay, it’s wise to have your HVAC system checked out by experienced technicians. The experts at Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning Conditioning have the knowledge and skills to perform your HVAC tune-up in Cliffdell to keep your system performing in prime condition. If needed we can always replace or install a new HVAC system too. 

What is an HVAC System?

The HVAC system in your home or office is comprised of an air conditioner, water heater, furnace, heat pump, and thermostat. Your system works very hard to cool down and warm up your spaces. Normal wear and tear of the HVAC components are expected when systems reach a certain age, but dirt, debris, or other damage can cause parts to fail prematurely. An HVAC tune-up in spring and fall can catch potential problems before they become significant.

What to Expect During Your Tune-up?

During the tune-up, we’ll check to ensure no issues can compromise your safety. We’ll check for leaks, cracks, and malfunctions of all major components. We’ll also perform services such as:

  • Clean coils and burners
  • Determine safety controls
  • Tighten belts
  • Carbon monoxide tests
  • Check the exhaust system and heat exchanger
  • Clean away dust and debris
  • Inspect lines
  • Change air filters
  • And much more

Call the Professionals at Comfort Pros Heating and Air Conditioning

It would be best if you had your HVAC system tuned up at least once a year, preferably in the spring and fall when you switch from heating your home to cooling it. When it’s time for your  HVAC tune-up in Cliffdell, give us a call at (509) 902-7130 to schedule an appointment.

The Best Choice for Water Heater Repair and Maintenance in Harrah

The Best Choice for Water Heater Repair and Maintenance in Harrah

Don’t get stuck in the cold. When your water heater stops working, acting fast is essential. When you need a professional and reliable endless water heater repair & maintenance service in Harrahyou can count on a fast-acting company with a solid reputation. Call in the pros at Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Our highly-trained technicians are skilled and courteous. 

Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

Your tankless system should be serviced as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance routine. We recommend that your tankless system is checked twice per year. The electric or gas components should be inspected by a professional only.

Tankless water heaters regularly maintained can last up to twice as long as a standard water heater. Endless water heaters are worth the investment because they are built to last for up to 25 years, while the alternatives can only last about 12 years.

Common Repair Issues

If you don’t have hot water and the heater is not working, that could be a sign that you have a blockage. A blockage in the air supply or exhaust can cause your tankless water heater to stop heating due to the restricted water flow. Those living in below-freezing areas will run the risk of freezing pipes.

Call Comfort Pro’s

When you suspect a problem, don’t hesitate! You could be risking more damage to your system or pipes. Call a professional immediately for endless water heater repair & maintenance service in Harrah. The Comfort Pro’s Heating and Air Conditioning team will quickly get your system back up and running in no time! Call us today at (509) 902-7130

Complete Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Service in Cle Elum

Complete Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Service in Cle Elum

It never fails. You’re in the middle of a heat wave when your air conditioning goes out. Air conditioning always seems to stop working at the worst possible time. The professionals at Comfort Pros Heating and Air Conditioning offer air conditioning repair & maintenance service in Cle Elum, so you don’t have to sit and swelter. We have the experience and knowledge to get your system up and running in no time.

Prevent Problems With Your Air Conditioning Before They Start

It’s said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. On the hottest days of summer or during a heat wave, your air conditioning is running constantly, and you want to ensure that each component of your system is working properly. Keeping your air conditioning regularly maintained decreases your chances of having it conk out on you when you need it most. 

We offer air conditioning maintenance services to check the status of your system and take care of minor problems before they become large, expensive ones. We’ll assess your thermostat, clean dirt, and debris from the condenser coils, and check the capacitors. We’ll also check for refrigerant leaks and change your air filters. 

When Your Air Conditioning Won’t Cool You Down

Sometimes even with regular maintenance, air conditioning systems break down. It could be due to faulty parts or parts that simply wear out and fail. We’ll use quality parts for your air conditioning repair to make your home or office comfortable again. 

Call the Professionals at Comfort Pros Heating and Air Conditioning

Keep your air conditioning in tip-top shape by scheduling regular maintenance. When that’s not enough, and you need air conditioning repair & maintenance in Cle Elum, call us at (509) 902-7130 to schedule an appointment.