Amana makes some of the highest-quality gas furnaces in the industry. They have 20 models with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of 80%, in addition to 21 models with a rating of 90% or more. Amana produces American-made products that satisfy millions of homeowners every year. At Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air, we are proud to offer specialized Amana Furnace Installation, Repair Service & Maintenance Tune-Ups.

Amana Furnace Installation

Furnace installation is not as simple as just putting the furnace in place and plugging it in. At Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air, we bring years of experience and know exactly what we are doing. We will ensure you have the right furnace for your household needs and situation.

Furnace installation is a two-person job, so both technicians will remove the old furnace, properly place the new one, re-connect all of the lines, and test it. Many furnace problems can be traced to improper installation, so we will take our time and do it right to help you avoid unnecessary future costs. 

Amana Furnace Repair Service

Even the best furnaces encounter problems sometimes. Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air is very responsive to repair calls, especially in an emergency. With proper installation and maintenance, the need for repairs should be minimal, but we are here and ready to act quickly if the need arises.

Amana Furnace Maintenance Tune-Ups

Ensure you protect your Amanda furnace’s investment by performing all required maintenance throughout the year. We will provide periodic tune-ups after your installation so your Amana furnace will keep running smoothly for years to come. 

Comfort Pro’s Heat and Air has all of your furnace needs covered. Call us today at (509) 902-7130 to inquire about our Amana Furnace Installation, Repair Service & Maintenance Tune-Ups.